Large cup capacity: 1.5L

according to 750ml cup

Waterproof knife holder

Product description: COMMERCIAL BLENDER

Product details


1. Voltage: 220-240 volts, 50 ~60Hz, 1500W
2. Large cup capacity: 1.5L, according to 750ml cup, can make 2  
   cups at a time.
3. Waterproof knife holder. 
4. High-strength, safe and reliable  stainless steel blade.
5. On / off total control hides the back.
6. Magnet linkage control, safe operation, open the soundproof 
   cover, the machine stops running.
7. Acoustic cover: reduce noise decibels
8. Cup, temperature, overload indication (when the big cup is not 
   in place, the big cup indicator on the control panel will jump, 
   when this indicator goes out, it means that it is in place. When 
   the operation time is too long, the The temperature indicator 
   will light up, indicating that it is necessary to stop for a 
   while. When the overload indicator flashes, it means that there 
   are too many objects in the cup)
9. The large hole has powerful functions of absorbing cold air and 
   discharging hot air
10. Motor overload protection device.
11. The new generation of drainage holes is set, even if the lid is 
    not tightly closed during operation, the juice will not leak out, 
    and it will not flow to the motor. The juice can be drained 
    directly through the drainage hole. Thereby protecting the 
    motor and extending the service life of the motor.
12. Computer version control program, 5 programs, optional 

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